Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a cause of much confusion for small business owners trying to get noticed on Google and indeed it is often described as a black art, a mix of science, art and mumbo jumbo. Getting listed for any one keyword (search term) largely comes down to […]

How to Choose a Domain Name


We see a lot of confusion on the issue of domain names and how to choose them and particularly the question of whether to choose a .com or domain. I think its best to answer that question with another question – “where are the majority of your customers?” Most small businesses in Australia have […]

Is Search Marketing like Traditional Display Advertising?


Search marketing with Adwords is quite unlike traditional advertising which is largely about branding and/or impulse purchases. Adwords marketing is more about meeting the customer with a need at the time he is searching for the solution to his need. A clear and present demand. In order to meet that demand it is first necessary […]

Getting your Website on Google


Having a website is one thing, getting visitors to it is another. There is no point having a website if nobody is seeing it. Here we look at the two main methods of getting visitors from Google, the Adwords program and search engine optimisation.

17 SEO Myths


There are many myths in SEO some more persistant than others, here are a few that I still hear from time to time. Argue if you wish through the comment form below! 1. Keywords in domains are a sure fire way to get to the top of the SE’s. No they’re not, they can certainly […]