Simple SEO Tips

seo-tips-1I’m often asked to give simple seo tips and to make them as plain english and basic as possible so that non web savvy business owners can get to grips with them.

It’s easier said than done with one person’s ‘basic’ being another’s ‘too hard’ but in the spirit of trying to please I put together what I think are the most actionable components of SEO for the somewhat- but-not-very savvy!

These are not going to make an SEO consultant out of you but should help to get your small business website on the right track:


  • Identify the keywords (search phrases) your site should rank for and be specific, if you sell ‘novelty birthday cakes’ then don’t worry about ‘cakes’!
  • It’s usually simplest to target just one or two keywords per page, assign your most important one or two to your home page.
  • You can combine keywords where it makes sense, for example you might decide to target ‘novelty birthday cakes’ and ‘childrens birthday cakes’ on your homepage with a combined title of  ‘Children’s Novelty Birthday Cakes’.
  • Use the other pages on your site to target other keywords so our cake seller might have a page for ‘boys birthday cakes’ another for ‘girls birthday cakes’ or maybe ‘first birthday cakes’ ‘fairy birthday cakes’ – whatever makes sense for your business and customers.
  • Make sure you use those identified keywords as the page titles of the relevant pages. The Meta Title that is, ask your web guy about this if you’re not sure how to title the pages.
  • If the page is about fairy birthday cakes, then talk only about fairy birthday cakes on that page.
  • Get the Alt Tags of the images on that page to reflect the topic and keywords for that page, again your web guy can help if you don’t know how.
  • If possible try to use keywords as navigation links so a link to your page about boys birthday cakes would actually have those words as the clickable text (anchor text) where you are linking from another page.
  • Get links to your website and its individual pages from other sites, as many as you can and if at all possible get them to use your keywords as their anchor text too.

There you have it, my SEO tips as simple as they come. Those tips while rather basic to SEO guys are enough to put you ahead of the majority in most small businesses.

Incoming links are the true overriding factor in SEO, so I can’t stress that last tip enough. If you want to read a little more on that particular point see these earlier posts on this site: How Important are Links to a Site and Link Popularity and SEO