5 Overlooked Ways to Increase Conversion

credit card conversionThere are many methods of website conversion optimization currently in place throughout the Internet that range from the brilliant to the exasperating. We all know the goal is to get the customer there, provide them with the product or service and close the deal but as simple as it sounds in theory, the execution often proves to be a bit more challenging. If you think you have tried it all and are at an impasse in your conversion efforts, try heading back to the basics. There are several easily utilized conversion methods that are routinely overlooked by both start-up websites and long time veterans of online commerce.

The KISS Method
KISS is an acronym that stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” This concept is one of the most overlooked means of converting site visitors into customers. It is vitally important that a website is both intuitive and easy to use. There are few things that turn away potential customers faster than a poorly designed site. It may be extraordinarily pretty but if they have to click several links just to reach what they want to purchase they may go elsewhere. A simple search function, and easy to use links, will greatly improve the chances of converting visitors into sales.

Call To Action
People hate to spend time trying to find something they believe they wish to buy once they are actually on site. This method of conversion works in tandem with the KISS method. The general web-going public hates to scroll down on a page when they do not have to. Place your sales links and buttons above the “fold”. When creating these sales buttons avoid simply using a button that says “Add”. Use a call to action style of purchase. Try using “Add (product) To Your Cart” in large bold letters. This provides greater attention to the purchase of the product. Try to place this button near the top of the page.

Provide Detailed Information
Few people are willing to try a product based solely on a picture and a price tag. They want to be informed of reasons why they want to buy the product. Provide specs for products in an easily accessed location. Try and think from the customers perspective and answer the questions you would want to know yourself if you were researching this product.

Browser Compatibility
Most people on the net use Internet Explorer. However, if this is the only browser a site is capable of supporting properly the site owner is losing out on massive streams of potential income. Try to make a website compatible with at least two, preferably three or more, browsers. The most popular current browsers for the PC are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Adding in Macintosh capacity will further increase sales potential for the site.

Don’t Ask For Too Much
Many sites have a tendency toward becoming too personally involved with their customers. These sites ask for too many pieces of personal information. Whatever you do, avoid this at all costs. Provide a means of allowing customers to create an account or provide extraneous information if they choose to. Do not make this compulsory. Most people just want to buy one item, one time. If they like the item they may return. Think of it as a relationship, the more you trust the person (or brand) the more comfortable you will be giving information once that relationship is established. Asking for too much info in the beginning is not only time consuming for the customer but for many it’s a frightening thing to give such personal information right off the bat.

Elizabeth Murphy is a contributing writer for Invesp, a consulting business focused on increasing conversion optimization and improving landing page design.