About Us

Adsurf is a partnership run by Aidan & Angela McCarthy.  The site is aimed at helping those looking for information, tips and how-to’s on the subject of online marketing through the blog posts you will find here as well as letting people know of my own services.

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I have been in online marketing since dial-up internet was just starting to appear in homes around the world and have worked with all sorts of clients in just about any sort of business you can name.

Much of my work is with web designers who need someone to take care of the online marketing side of things for their clients though I also work directly with business owners and love seeing small businesses succeed in the online arena.

My interest in small business sees me keep a fairly active presence on Flying Solo, a huge forum for small business owners in Australia, where I try to be helpful with advice on SEO, PPC and other aspects of small business marketing, I have also written a few of the articles published there which have been well received.

I have a particular interest in the form of search engine marketing known as pay per click (PPC) where Google’s AdWords program is the dominant force in this part of the world (Come on Bing/Yahoo lift your game!) this particular form of marketing has been good to my clients and I over the years though it is becoming a more and more complex animal as time marches on, often beyond the abilities of busy small business owners to keep up with.