AdWords Advanced Location Targeting

GoogAds-1Excellent! – Google’s advanced location targeting is now allowing much better control over displaying your ads to certain audiences. Note this applies to the search network only not the display network.

You’ll find the controls titled ‘Advanced location options’ in the Locations and languages section of your campaign settings and the targeting options are as follows:

1. Target using either Physical Location or Search Intent

Your ad can be displayed to someone physically located in the targeted area OR who specifies the area while physically located outside it (e.g. someone located in Melbourne searching for “hotels in Sydney”).

2. Target using Physical Location

Your ad can be shown only to somebody physically located in the targeted area and not those searching from outside the area using the location in the search.

3. Target using Search Intent only

The location must be specified in the search and will show regardless of physical location (e.g. we can target people searching for “hotels in Sydney” regardless of where they are physically located)

You can also exclude ads showing as follows:

1. Exclude by Physical location only

This is the default for location exclusion and will stop your ad showing to people physically located in the exclusion area, so if we exclude Sydney from our ads for hotels in Sydney, they will not be shown to people already in Sydney but will be shown to those in Melbourne searching for “hotels in Sydney”.

2. Exclude by Physical Location and Search Intent

Allows us to stop showing our ads to those either located in Sydney or using Sydney in the search. So we could exclude advertising for our Melbourne hotel showing to folk based in Sydney or using the word ‘Sydney’ in their search.