Google AdWords Management

Pay Per Click or PPC is a great option for many businesses who need search engine exposure on specific search terms in a more predictable manner than what SEO can offer. It can be a vital component of your digital marketing strategy. Google’s AdWords program is top of the heap by a huge margin for ppc traffic as Google has the lion’s share of all search engine traffic here in Australia.

One of the main benefits of PPC is the fact it is available almost instantly.

You don’t have all the anxious waiting for the search engines to send you some traffic after you have done SEO work. It is also possible to target particular search terms easily rather than fighting for position on competitive search terms in organic results, something that can take months or even years of content and reputation building if you are in a competitive market.

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Of course you have to pay for the traffic you get (that’s where the pay per click bit comes from) but many businesses prefer the predictability of PPC over the possibility of ranking fluctuation and the time and other costs of SEO. It has other advantages too such as the ability to control the flow of leads coming into your business and the ability to test how your web pages can be optimised for conversions, as well as the ability to conduct test marketing for particular products in a highly controlled manner.

The business of running an effective AdWords campaign can be challenging as there are a number of complexities from keyword choice and keyword matching options, to device scheduling and bidding, goal tracking and more. Most small businesses find they waste a lot of their AdWords budgets when doing the job themselves, waste of up to 50% is in fact common on unmanaged accounts. It’s usually better to get an AdWords expert on the job as the management fee is less than the waste and good AdWords marketing services will make the spend much more effective.

You don’t have to choose between SEO and PPC, in fact the best effect tends to arise from using both approaches to complement each other. If you do decide to get an AdWords manager then try to get a Google certified manager as you will have the certainty of knowing he is up to speed with the latest developments at Google.

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