Web Designers on the Northern Beaches, Sydney

I decided to make a little list of all the web designers in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney and without trying too hard came up with this list of two dozen or so local web designers, a nice mix of long established companies and individuals doing some great freelance work in the area. I’m […]

More SEO Myths


Time for another SEO myths rant (that link is to the original one here). If you know me from oh anywhere you’ll know I hate to see small business owners get advice that means they end up wasting time when they just can’t afford it. I’ve been there and suffered it myself when I first […]

Is Google Losing Importance as Social Grows?

Has Google peaked and started downhill? More and more I’m asked about (and find myself explaining) social media and how it can be used in the small business arena. Google itself has tried to push into social with its Google+ service and is scrambling to find ways of keeping your eyeballs in one Google property […]

Why Perfectly Anchored Text Backlinks Are Dangerous and How to Avoid Them

perfect anchor text links thumbnail

The Risks of Placing Keywords in Anchor Text There is no disputing the fact that keyword-targeted backlinks help with search engine rankings.  But in the SEO world, there is such a thing as over-optimization.  And links that are always perfectly anchored to the same keywords are an example of this. The danger with perfectly anchored […]

Server Header Responses

Server headers

We don’t normally get to see them unless we are doing some checks with a tool like SEO-Browser looking for redirects and other isues but just about all of us are familiar with the 404 error at least. That 404 error is just one of a bunch of possible header responses the server will send […]