Web Designers on the Northern Beaches, Sydney

I decided to make a little list of all the web designers in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney and without trying too hard came up with this list of two dozen or so local web designers, a nice mix of long established companies and individuals doing some great freelance work in the area. I’m […]

New Google Results Layout in Oz?


I don’t know if anyone else is seeing this but I’ve just done a search and found the first page is all ads and product listings from retailers (no ‘normal’ results at all) which is the first time I’ve seen this style of result – anyone else seeing it? Might be just a test or […]

Good Logo Design


Many small businesses use logos as a part of their branding so obviously they use them on their websites and sometimes as image backlinks or gravatars to spread brand awareness around other sites too. It’s usually best to get a professional logo designer on the job as they invariably come up with a design which […]