Building Links to a Website


I’m often asked by new website owners how they should go about getting links to their site as they have heard getting links is important to help get search engines rankings. Yes that is certainly true but it is important to understand a few points before you go link building. One thing I’d like to […]

Link-building & Link Popularity


Another common question from small business owners is where they should try to get links from in order to help with their optimisation efforts. There are a range of possibilities but probably the first thing to understand is that not all links are equal. As a general rule, links from pages that have some pagerank […]

Website SEO


Website Search Engine Optimisation can broadly be broken down into on-site and off-site elements. It is usually easier to control the on-site elements though unless you have little competition on the net for your particular keywords you will need to do the off-site work too in getting backlinks to your site. Note that the more […]

What Keywords Should I Use?


Lots of small business owners don’t really know what keywords to target with their websites or even how to find out which ones to target. Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to decide on your target keywords. “This is a local shop for local people…” One of the things we […]

Simple SEO Tips


I’m often asked to give simple seo tips and to make them as plain english and basic as possible so that non web savvy business owners can get to grips with them. It’s easier said than done with one person’s ‘basic’ being another’s ‘too hard’ but in the spirit of trying to please I put […]