Simple SEO Tips


I’m often asked to give simple seo tips and to make them as plain english and basic as possible so that non web savvy business owners can get to grips with them. It’s easier said than done with one person’s ‘basic’ being another’s ‘too hard’ but in the spirit of trying to please I put […]

Link Popularity and SEO


Links and link popularity can really affect your seo efforts positively or negatively. See how it works, the plain english version.

How Important are Links to a Site?


Links are the roads and pathways of the web, they connect our pages to other pages on our sites (Internal Links) and they connect our sites to other sites (External Links). In the real world the more roads and pathways to a particular location the more popular (and populated) that location tends to be. If […]

Should You Use Meta Keywords?


Firstly,  please understand we are talking about META keywords i.e. those sometimes inserted into a meta tag in the header of a webpage. We are not talking about using keywords in your titles, headers, text, links, URLS, Alt tags or wherever else you use yours! Keywords and keyword research to understand the right ones to […]

Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?

You might be wondering whether you should put your efforts into SEO or PPC for promoting your website, indeed we see a lot of small business owners asking this question. To my way of thinking the answer is, why choose? – use both! We tend to think of PPC as being a short term solution […]