Google Serps Sept 2011

Does Google ever stop playing with SERPs layouts? This month I’ve had a lot of comments from AdWords users about the preview function of the left hand side of the page obscuring everything on the right.

The page layout has been structured to make more space on the right side and the effect occurs whether you you preview an advertiser in the premium spots or an organic listed site.  Just roll your mouse down the right side of any of those listings to trigger a site preview, in wider format than previous ones, that totally obscures the right hand side including all the ads there.

More pressure on advertisers to bid big to fight for the premium spots? You would have to think so. Getting into those spots can be expensive as a combination of high bids and high quality scores are required, many small businesses just don’t have the pockets and expertise to achieve both.


Results page (left margin cropped out)

Google Serps Layout 1













Result page with preview

Google Serps Layout 2














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