How to Use Google AdWords

Extract: Getting the most Google Adwords means getting several factors right, from ad copy to keyword selection and beyond. Here are some tips to start you off on the right foot.


Campaign Settings

Be realistic with budgeting, there is no point trying to advertise your service worldwide if you have a budget of $3 a day.

De-select the Content Network (Under the Network section of your campaign settings) until you know what you are doing.

Ad Copy

A poor ad will produce poor results. There are various theories on what constitutes good ad copy and what works best varies from niche to niche but a few principles keep returning the goods;

Grab Attention – We often find the best way is to have the keywords in the ad copy, particularly in the title line. If you know how to use it, try dynamic keyword insertion to help with this.

Appeal to an emotion in the user – ‘Be A Winner This Weekend’ is an appeal to an emotion you might consider for a tennis shoe ad.

Push the Benefits not the Features – Why focus on the new rubber compound used in the sole when you can talk about how your tennis shoes produce winners!

Appeal on Quality and or Price – ‘Quality at a Discount’ ‘Australian Supplier & Guarantee’ are examples of quality/price appeal phrases.

Include a Call to Action – Ask them to do something now, this is especially effective if combined with a price appeal, especially an urgent one, ‘See us Right Now for 10% Off’, ‘See Us Now for Limited Offer’.

Now you just got to get all that into 105 characters (including spaces) and do it twice over so that you have at least two ad variations in your adgroup. Rotating two ads gives you the opportunity to see which wording performs better.

Keywords & Matching Options

Let’s say we’re selling tennis shoes again so we think of several keywords such as ‘tennis shoes’, ‘women’s tennis shoes’, ‘cheap tennis shoes’ etc and we can negative match the word ‘children’s’ if we do not stock children’s sizes.

We could use Adword’s exact match option and our ads will only be shown to potential customers using exactly the keywords we thought of above. Unfortunately they won’t be shown to someone searching for ‘discount women’s tennis shoes’ which might be bad for our discount tennis shoe sales figures.