Is Google Losing Importance as Social Grows?

Has Google peaked and started downhill? More and more I’m asked about (and find myself explaining) social media and how it can be used in the small business arena.

Google itself has tried to push into social with its Google+ service and is scrambling to find ways of keeping your eyeballs in one Google property or other in response to Facebook’s dominance in the time-on-site stakes. The reception to Google+ has been luke warm in this part of the world where Facebook is seen as the original and better social platform.

Certainly among business owners there are a large number of people sick of the scramble to keep up with the constant changes in Google’s organic listings and a feeling that G is deliberately making it harder to get free traffic so as to encourage use of its AdWords program.

Now as an AdWords consultant myself I don’t condemn the notion of Google moving to more monetised search results pages, I have often wondered why G did not make more use of their results but I am certainly detecting more resistance to Google recently. Resistance that is, on the part of business owners who refuse to find themselves dependant on Google as a source of business.

I believe this is just one factor in the increased interest shown lately in business use of social media. Used correctly, social can be of enormous benefit in getting known in the right circles.

One basic principle of social is to seek conversations already happening in the various groups and pages that are relevant to your business then start to join in those conversations and over time, establish yourself as an authority in the field. There is nothing complicated about that! Anyone who is expert in something and who knows how to use Facebook can do that!

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