Landing Pages

landing-pages-1There are several approaches to good landing page layout whether you are driving organic or paid traffic there but above all its important to remember what it is you want the visitor to do!

Take a look at all the tradies web pages out there that talk about who the tradesman is and/or what he does, (maybe even where he does it if he is smart!) and then the rest of the site consists of photographs of his previous work and more detailed information on his products or services. That’s it! A waste of traffic and lots of lost business!

There must be many visitors to pages like that hitting the back button to check out the competition. Why? Because there was no clear ‘Call To Action’ (CTA).

If you want folk to do something, like say phone you for a quote or order a product online, you have to tell them to do so!

A simple but big bold prompt like:

“Call 1300 000 000 Now for a Free Quote”

can make a huge difference to your traffic conversion.

Ask yourself what it is you want the visitor to do, once you have defined that objective you can come up with a good CTA that suits your business, whether it be a prompt to call or a prompt to order your product.

If you are trying to sell a product directly from your landing page you might want to take things a little further and adapt a more selling approach like:

  • Outline the benefits of your particular product in a bold headline.
  • Provide some interesting facts or statistics to back up your claim.
  • Consider trying to trigger an emotion by relating a story of someone who benefited greatly from your product, then show how anyone can benefit similarly. Use some snappy testimonials to strengthen this if you have them.
  • State your Guarantee!
  • Now call them to action, preferably with a hint of urgency like say “Order Now to get Today’s Discount Rate” or “Order Now to Lock in our Limited Discount”.

Those elements should be separate snappy little pieces that don’t bore the visitor. Remember visitors generally scan pages and unless they are ‘information seekers’ will tend to get bored by long blocks of text.

Make the CTA Bold – it must stand out so your visitor can’t miss it. It should be concise and easy to understand so don’t present lots of options.

Make sure the prompt fits well into your page design if you are using graphics or coloured fonts. Yes red and similar colours can work well in CTA’s but only if they fit well into the existing colour scheme!