Server Header Responses

We don’t normally get to see them unless we are doing some checks with a tool like SEO-Browser looking for redirects and other isues but just about all of us are familiar with the 404 error at least. That 404 error is just one of a bunch of possible header responses the server will send to your browser when you try to reach a web page.

When you request a page, the server it lives on returns some ‘header info’ that classifies the status of the web page, usually a 200 if everything is normal but sometimes other codes (there can be more than one) such as a 301 or 302 redirect or the failure responses

I love a good infographic so for those of you with an interest in these things Oliver Mason and the other good folks who work at  conversion optimisation at SEOgadget have provided this excellent one to explain those response codes more colourfully than I ever could.


Server headers